🌳The Privilege of Knowing Your Roots 🌳

“We are deeply connected with the people we love. Roots are our source of life and energy and power. The more we open our channels and roots wider and they become more interconnected with others, the more we grow our source of energy and power. This can also become toxic and dangerous- i think part of life is exploring your root system and understanding the sources of your energy. I think our roots are connected with our ancestors and our culture and our friends and lovers. It is really important to feel into all of that and know which ones to expand and which ones to shrink.” - Anjali Ahuja


Roots are powerful. Roots are our past, our present, our future. We take energy from the roots of our ancestors and will pass energy on through our roots to our children.

Our roots make us cry, they make us create. Our roots make us scream. Roots teach us about our culture, they make us feel a deep and grounded pain when we think about certain things.

Our roots are our energy system. They are our family, our friends, our community. Our roots come together to help each other out. They help each other when they need support, when they are thirsty. Our roots remind us how of how important we are, they reaffirm us when we need to be reminded.

Roots can be toxic. Roots can pass negative energy to your root system and through branches. Roots effect those of the past, the present and the future. Roots can suck energy out of you and roots can starve you.


The deeper we know our roots and feel our roots, the more privileged we are. We can understand what makes us tick or why we love spicy food.

Some trees have been uprooted. Their branches and roots have been destroyed. The future trees that will stem from these roots will feel the pain of the uprooting. They will find it harder to root themselves again and form their branches. They will pass down this pain until their roots get stronger and stronger, learning from the past.

“Roots remind us that this is “NOT YOUR VIRTUAL WORLD” Roots connect us to Mother Nature. Roots remind us that we are connected to more than just our own species.” - Uma R.

Roots are important. And if you have the privilege of learning more about your Roots, you should. Know your Roots.